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On the Road Again!

December 6, 2016

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May 8, 2015

*Escuse any spelling erros, not my stong suit* ;P


It has been a long while since my last entry, but from what I remmeber I was trying to answer some common questions we get as well as describe how our journey has gone. Well, rest assured, so far our journey has been well and no real issue have emerged. (knock on wood). 


Im going to continue now with an answer to one of our MOST POPULAR questions. 




Im gonna be upfront and honest with you from the get go. We dont shower as often as we did when we had a home that had a shower in it. Its part of life on the road, and yes it has gotten pretty bad, but never bad to the point were someone needed to be hospitalized, so its ok. We find ways to clean ourself, and we do a pretty good job at it for living in a VAN. We have stopped at many houses of friends and family along this road trip and everyone has been very generous and helpful when it comes to us using thier facilities to clean. We have also showered at campsites, the occasional cheap motel/hotel, and of coarse mother natures natural bodies of water.

Staying clean isn't the hardest part of traveling for us, the hardest thing to do while traveling for us, we have found, is trying to eat healthy. We dont have a refridgorator to keep things cold, and we dont continuesly fill our cooler with ice because of money reasons and becuase of the constant need to then empty water out and refill multiple times a day. So if your planning a road trip, one of the heads up I would give to people, especially if your a healthy eater, is to be prepared to manage that cuz it can be difficult.




*Map of our Route from Berlin Massachusetts to L.A. California


This was our East to South to West Route. We have seen a lot, and most of the places I didn't even know the name of, I was just... There. I will now begin to name off some main locations we have hit along the way. 


Berlin, MA (My Home) --> Middleburg, VA (Friend Owens House) --> Blue Ridge Parkway, VA (First Night in the Van, Freaked out a lil in those empty woods) --> Great Smokey Mountains, TN and NC (almost got lost in there.) --> Nashville, TN (Rad) --> Savannah, GA (Could Possibly live here.) --> Jacksonville, FL (Torys Friend Apt.) --> Orlando, FL (Disney, nuff said.) Ft. Lauderdal, FL --> (Torys Friend Apt.) Miami --> (Retro) --> The Keys (Farthest Southern Point in U.S.) --> Tampa Area, FL (My Aunts House) --> New Orleans, LA (Very Unique, Loved the Cluture) --> Austin, TX (WIERD and Loved it) --> San Antonio, TX (River Walk was Nice) --> White Sands, NM (PATRIOTS WON THE SUPER BOWL!!) --> Albuquerque, NM (Found Walter White) --> Santa Fe, NM --> (Amazing ART. nuff said) --> Colorado Springs, CO (Torys Best Friend House, Chelsea your Great!) --> Fort Collins, CO (Torys Friend, Zack, Stay Gold) --> Boulder, CO (2 of my Hometown Friends, DEV and SARAH, Love you guys.) --> Breckenridge, CO (First Time Shreddin the Rockies, Thanks for taking me Chris!) --> Aspen, CO (Im talking about a little place called... ASPEN..) --> Moab, UT (EPIC!, Arches Natnl. Park) --> Bryce Canyon, UT (ALSO EPIC!) --> Springdale, UT (ZION, nuff said.) --> The Grand Canyon, AZ (BIG) --> Sedona, AZ (Heaven on Earth.) Joshua Tree, CA (Weirdest Natnl. Park in the BEST way.) --> San Diago, CA (Loved the Vibe, and the Beaches) --> Laguna Beach, CA (Favorite Spot in South Cali) --> L.A., CA (The Oppertunity to Fulfill Dreams is Prevelant and I liked that.) --> Malibu, CA (Beaute) --> Pacific Coast Route 1, CA (Beautiful Drive) --> San Fran, CA (Saw Torys Fam, Great City) --> YOSEMITE, CA (No Words can Describe.) --> South Lake Tahoe, CA (Saw a highschool friend, Matt Mandela, play a show, killin it Black Star Safari!) --> Redwood Forest, CA (BIG TREES) --> Portland, OR (Good Vibe, Artistic City) --> Olympic National Park, WA *CURRENT SITUATION* (Very Diverse Ecosystem from Sea Coast to Mountain Range, one of my Favs) 


So obviously we have been to more than what is shown here, but these are some of the locations that had stood out to me. We Plan on taking a Northern Route Home, but anything is subject to change. 



*Photo Taken in Olympic National Park, WA 


I recently made a Facebook post about our current situation so Im just gonna copy and paste that. 


"We Have Hit ANOTHER MILESTONE In Our Trip. Victoria​ and I have now driven from San Diego ALL THE WAY to the North West Corner of Our Country, Olympic National Park, Olympic Peninsula, and Pacific Northwest​ in Washington. Majority of the drive was on the Pacific Coast Highway - Route 1​ as well as as Route 101. We have seen a lot, experienced a lot, and are proud to say we've conquered our West Coast Travels. It feels good to have our future destinations be in the Eastward Direction. The thought of Home has been more and more prevalent as we've been here in the North West. Maybe its due to the similarities in landscape and wilderness, or maybe Its because its that time of year were I would be fishing with my neighbor Marc​ down at the ol' Fishin Hole. Never will I take those days for granted. But until then, the journey MUST Continue... To Seattle, Glacier, and Yellowstone. Onward We Go."




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